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Our desire is to develop enthusiastic, thinking, well-rounded, students who are equipped for success in college and life. We have high expectations for our students. Our curriculum is advanced, challenging, and hands-on. It is accelerated and we focus on learning, research skills, organizational skills, self-discipline, time management, and developing our students desire to learn. Our classic curriculum covers all subject areas so that you do not have to teach at home.

Our program is five-days a week. We accept students who are entering the 3rd-8th grades. We begin August 24, 2015 and end May 27, 2016. We meet Monday-Friday beginning at 8:30 am and ending at 2:30 pm. Drop off begins at 8:00 am. We will accept 45 students. Our curriculum includes math, reading, literature, science, science experiments, history, geography, grammar, novel-reading, handwriting, artist studies, art, creative writing, and poetry. The students have the opportunity each day to take breaks, play and create together.

We chose the strongest classic curriculum in each subject that is available. We have put together a comprehensive curriculum that is challenging, exciting, and traditional. It is geared for student success. The spiral method of teaching within each grade and from one grade to the next ensures continuous maintenance of basic skills to build a solid foundation while teaching more complex skills. Our students do not learn a concept for a week or two and then move on and never go back and review it. Our curriculum is available to view under the Curriculum tab on this site.

The curriculum has reviews and tests included in it often. We focus on mastering the skills and subjects, not just memorizing facts. We teach students how to study and prepare for tests. One letter grade every six weeks is not helpful to parents, we monitor the students work daily and keep parents involved. Parents are encouraged to come and see what their child is studying, view their work and projects, and volunteer. Students are also given the opportunity to take the National Achievement Test in the Spring. Therefore, we are not overly concerned with writing grades on their papers or sending home report cards. The students have reviews and take tests so that we can monitor their progress daily, not just at the end of a six-week term.

We do not participate in the STAAR test, therefore we spend our time learning curriculum, not a test. They will bring home work as they complete it, projects, the book they are completing for the book club, and anything they are studying for a test. But, do not be surprised if they come home and want to do additional research on a topic that interests them. Sometimes the students are asked to bring in objects, pictures, or a book to go with a topic that is being studied to share with the group. Our curriculum covers all subject areas so that parents do not have to do any teaching at home. We want our students to be able to spend their evenings with their family or at extra activities they are interested in, not doing worksheets.

During each class, the lesson is taught, examples are given and once the teacher feels everyone understands the subject, the students will then practice the skill while the teacher monitors each child’s progress. The students own their books and they can bring them home anytime for a parent to view exactly how they are progressing.

Our class sizes are small so that we can focus on each student’s strengths. Students work together several different ways during the day. Sometimes they will be grouped by grade levels such as 3rd and 4th graders together. Other times they will work with mixed age groups. This encourages them to ask questions, share their knowledge, and engage in the lesson. Most of the time the maximum number of students in a group is 15. As students work on projects and research, the groups will be smaller.

Each week a letter will be sent home outlining what we will be working on. This will help keep parents informed and also remind the students things they may want to bring in for units that we are currently studying.

We give our students time to explore, create, inquire, research, build, and enjoy learning together, we do not sit at a desk all day long. Our program is exciting and fun, the students are engaged all day in learning. We follow the home school method of teaching. Sharing knowledge with each other and collaborative learning is essential.

We have break times during the day for the students to be active and get their energy out, or just relax for a while. Stations is a time at the end of the day for the students to come together with all of the teachers and socialize while focusing on STEM projects. STEM is science, technology, engineering, and math. We feel it is important to give the students time each day to create, test theories, and exploring possibilities with all hands on activities. Each station will change frequently. Examples of stations are Inventors Box, building simple machines, catapults, towers, bridges, pulleys, balloon rockets, and magnetic slime, science experiments, chain reaction challenges, creating with junk, sewing projects, crafts, Lego creations, and art projects. Students that do not complete their work correctly or that need extra help in a subject can do so during this time. 

Our curriculum has Christian values integrated into it. We encourage treating others the way we want to be treated.

We are not designed to work with students with extensive learning disabilities, behavioral issues, or emotional issues. Students are on “probation” for the first 30 days they are with us. We reserve the right to decide if a student does not work well within our program. If a student is disruptive to the other students and the program, they will be asked to leave without reimbursement. We expect a high level of behavior from our students.

Our student code of conduct is simple. Attend each day, and be on time. Show respect and kindness towards others. Dress modestly and appropriately. Take care of school property and personal books and supplies.  Any cell phones will be turned in at the beginning of the day and returned at the end of the day.  Bullying or fighting will not be tolerated. We have a three strikes and you are out policy. If a student is asked to leave the program, tuition and fees are not reimbursed.

Students who need to miss class for family vacations, sickness, doctors appointments, or other things can bring their books with them to keep up with the group.

Our teachers: Amy Wade is certified to teach K-12 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and also a Master’s Degree with honors in Education with a minor in Literature. She has taught in both Public and Private schools for 8 years. She has homeschooled her three daughters for the past 4 1/2 years. She loves literature, history, and art.

Kathy Bryan is our math and science teacher. She has degrees in mathematics and also Animal Sciences. She has homeschooled her children for 3 years and tutored at Mathnasium and also privately. She is passionate about educating students with hands-on activities to make math and science real and enjoyable to them.

Ben White has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics. He was a Chief Engineer over billion dollar projects at Raytheon. He has worked all over the world. He is literally a Rocket Scientist! He has 30 years experience doing research and development for military and civilian applications. He will teach Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering experiments as well as teaching how to write scientific papers to all grade levels. He will also assist with STEM projects. He is a fun, hands-on teacher.

Kathy White has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She has worked in the Accounting field for many years. She also minored in Art. She will assist in art classes, stations, and help students that may need a little extra one-on-one. We are thrilled to have her.

We strongly recommend giving your child the math and language assessment tests available on this site. The tests can be printed and the answer key is also provided. We look forward to a fantastic school year.


Contact Amy Wade at 409-782-1389

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