Welcome to HHS!

Our desire is to develop enthusiastic, thinking, well-rounded, students who are equipped for success in college and life. We will volunteer in the community so that our children develop compassionate hearts. We have high expectations for our students.

We are a five day a week program, all subjects are taught by the teachers. We do not send home lessons for the parents to teach or nightly homework.

There are six elements that distinguish our program.

1. Academic excellence- Our curriculum is accelerated. We focus on learning, research skills, organizational skills, hands-on experiences, and creating engaged, interested, and excited learners. We do not participate in the STAAR test, therefore, we do not practice for it all year. We seldom send home homework because we complete all of our lessons during the day.

2. Small class sizes- We do not exceed 15 students in a group so that we can focus closely on each individual child’s strengths.

3. Peer group learning- Some of our subjects are completed by the student alone with a teacher helping, others are taught as a group with mixed age levels. This encourages the children to be engaged in the lesson, ask questions, and share their own knowledge. We know that if students love learning, their ambition to pursue excellence becomes second nature to them.

4. Christian values- Our curriculum has Christian values integrated into it. We encourage treating others the way we want to be treated.

5. Freedom of inquiry- We give the children time to explore, create, inquire, research, build, and enjoy learning together, we do not sit at a desk all day.

6. Our teachers each hold advanced degrees and have 30 years of combined teaching experience.

We accept students who are entering the 3rd-8th grades. We allow only 45 students in our program. We will meet from August 17, 2015, through May 27, 2016. We meet Monday-Friday beginning at 8:15 am and ending at 2:30 pm. Our curriculum includes math, reading, literature, science, science experiments, history, geography, grammar, artist studies, art, creative writing, and poetry. The students have the opportunity each day to take breaks, play and create together. 

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